3 Easy Exercises to Help Your Neck Pain

A ‘’Pain in the neck” can very debilitating. One common culprit of neck pain is the trapezius muscle. The trapezius muscle is a large triangular shaped muscle that runs from between the shoulders into the base of the skull.

More on the Trapezius Muscle

The Trapezius Muscle is often referred to as the “Traps”.  The traps, due to its location and function, can be the cause of pain in the upper back, the neck, the shoulder and base of the skull and can even cause headaches. There are certain areas of our body that tighten up and spasm when we are stressed; the traps muscle is a common site for this. Other factors that could cause pain to occur in the trapezius area include poor sitting posture and heavy repetitive incorrect lifting.

Three strategies to help your trapezius and have a healthy pain free neck

  1. Correct ergonomic sitting position at your work place: this may include a foot rest, adjusting your seat height, sitting directly in front of your computer screen and typing close to your body.
  2. Use a standing desk and alternate between standing and sitting.
  3. Don’t look down at your phone for hours on end.

Finally, the 3 exercises!

  1. Upper trapezius stretches: hold for 20-30 seconds performing multiple times through-out your work day.
  2.  Cat/cow an all-time favorite, perform 20-30 repetitively 1-2 times daily.
  3. Side lying thoracic rotations: perform 20 repetitions on each side.

So, there you go, 3 strategies and 3 exercises to maintain a healthy pain free neck.  If you are suffering from neck pain and would like an appointment or assessment call 052 608 5262.

Ryan Green

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