Q1. Am I eligible for a rebate from my Kupat Cholim or private health insurance?

A1. Clallit Mushlam members receive a substantial rebate for private physiotherapy and any private health insurance which includes ambulatory coverage receive a rebate.

Q2. What is the minimal amount of treatments I need in order to see an improvement?

A2. Physiotherapy on most occasions can take a few sessions to see an improvement. Each treatment when done at the correct intervals consolidates the results of the previous treatment. Many times rehabilitation is not linear and like everything in life there can be ups and downs.

Q3. What is Dry needling?

A3. Refer to my previous blogs for a very nice explanation and summary of Dry Needling.

Q4. What are the side effects of Dry Needling?

A4. Dry Needling like all physiotherapy treatments modalities/ interventions can result in post treatment soreness. Post Treatment soreness is very common and usually lasts a day or two. After it passes most patients feel an improvement and a reduction in pain.

Q5. Who can benefit from Physiotherapy and what age groups?

A5. Any one suffering from pain, sports injuries, fractures, whiplash injuries, backpain, (TMJ) jaw pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, post surgery and those wanting to improve there overall physical health and wellbeing can benefit from physiotherapy. I see patients across the age spectrum from 13 years old to a 120.

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