Exercise and Diabetes

Diabetes leads to something called insulin resistance when insulin no longer has the key to the cells and, hence, the cells can no longer be nourished by glucose. Subsequently, glucose levels continue to rise in the blood.



Osteoarthritis what is it?   Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition that affects our joints. A joint is a point in the body where 2 bones meet and work harmoniously in conjunction with muscles, tendons and ligaments to create and allow movement....


Exercise and how it reduces pain

Many in the medical world consider exercise to be the single most effective medicine known to man. Exercise and pain reduction are an interesting subject and I would like to briefly touch upon it.


Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury, meaning too much repetition of the same activity in an incorrect way, and this aggravating activity must be addressed


Ankle Sprain

Ankle injuries are the most common sporting injury and the most common joint re-injured, thus the importance of correct rehabilitation is essential


Coronavirus and Physiotherapy

I will also be offering a new online physiotherapy service for anyone who prefers to stay in the safety and comfort of their own home. I have the latest physiotherapy software which allows me to assess, treat and prescribe exercises on an online platform.

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