Ankle Sprain


Ankle injuries are the most common sporting injury and the most common joint re-injured, thus the importance of correct rehabilitation is essential. An ankle injury can also have a big impact and cause pain on joints further up the leg such as the knee, hip and even the lower back as these higher joints must compensate to offset mechanical changes that have occurred at the ankle.


Why is the ankle joint so commonly injured?


The ankle joint is known as a hinge joint but unlike your typical hinge joint which can open and close like a door the ankle also allows for horizontal movements and it’s in the horizontal direction that ankle injuries most commonly occur. The only structures on the outer side of the ankle providing stability are a couple of ligaments and when the ankle rolls inwards these ligaments are stressed and can be strained or ruptured. This is commonly known as an ankle sprain.


How can you help your ankle sprain?


  • Avoid aggravating the injury any further
  • Ice to decrease inflammation
  • Use a compression bandage
  • Elevate the ankle to decrease inflammation
  • Use crutches to walk if putting weight on the ankle is difficult at first
  • Once inflammation has subsided try walking as normally as possible


How can physiotherapy help?


  • Sports tapping or strapping to stabilize the ankle joint
  • Mobilize the joint to regain range of motion
  • Massage and electrophysical modalities to decrease inflammation and pain
  • Begin rehabilitation program to strengthen the ankle to prevent future injuries


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Ryan Green

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