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Jerusalem Physiotherapy and Pilates is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic located in the heart of Jerusalem. We pride ourselves on bringing the most up-to-date best practice physiotherapy from around the world to Jerusalem. At Jerusalem Physiotherapy and Pilates you can expect the highest level of patient care available in Israel. Our assessments and treatments are thorough, evidence-based and we motivate and guide our patients to develop healthier lifestyle habits. We take a holistic approach to treatment addressing your injury or pain, symptoms and any underlying causes or preconditions, looking at the patient as a whole rather than just a specific injury or concern. This approach ensures both a speedy and long-term recovery.


Pilates is known for being one of the safest and most efficient ways to stretch, strengthen and rehabilitate your body, without building bulk or stressing your joints. Clinical Pilates is used by physiotherapists to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions including:
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Back pain and stiffness
• Neck pain
• Knee pain
• Ankle injuries
• Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Generalized weakness and poor balance
• Enhance performance of recreational and elite sports people.

Pilates exercises aim to balance the strength and flexibility of particular muscles to create and maintain a body that works efficiently in order to treat and prevent injury. Due to the individuality of the exercises prescribed, it is safe and effective for clients and patients of all ages and walks of life.

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דיקור יבש

דיקור יבש, היא טכניקה המשמשת פיזיותרפיסטים, רופאים וכירופרקטים לטיפול במצבים כגון כאב, מתח שרירים ועווית, מתיחות שרירים, גירוי עצבי ומתיחות רצועות, כמו גם מצבים חריפים וכרוניים אחרים.


Knee pain

The knee is a complex joint made up of four bones and an extensive network of ligaments and muscles

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PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapists are university-trained medical professionals; they are first contact therapists that can help you with back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, fractures, motor vehicle accident, post-surgery rehabilitation and more.


Pilates is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective and safest forms of physical activity to strengthen the entire body in a holistic and balanced way. It is ideal for anyone looking to improve their health, recover after injury and prevent further back or neck pain in the future.


TMJ/jaw pain is a debilitating condition that can affect everything from eating to sleeping. Symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include: pain in the area of jaw or ear, headaches, toothache, clicking and neck pain.
TMJ physiotherapy is one of the most effective ways in reducing TMJ symptoms and ensuring the pain does not reoccur.


Lower back pain is the 5th most common reason for doctors’ visits globally and affects 80% of people at some point in their lives. Physiotherapists are the most highly trained professionals in treating lower back pain. They have many different methods and treatments in their toolkit in order to correctly diagnose and treat lower back pain effectively and reduce pain symptoms with quick results.


Whether you are the weekly runner or professional athlete, sports injuries are a fact of life. Sports injuries fall into two main categories: acute and over use/chronic. Acute sports injuries occur as a result of a sudden impact or awkward movement, e.g. a muscle tear or a sprained ankle. Chronic sports injuries develop over time, often due to continual use of the same joints or muscle groups, or occasionally, structural abnormalities such as an inherited bone or muscle problems.